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Ballscrew Guys are specialists in on-site repair and refurbishment of Flow Water Jet linear motion systems including ball screw assemblies and linear way guides.

Please contact us to troubleshoot your issue and follow up with a service request with travel and work estimates. See our flat rate specials and inquire about travel splits if your down time is flexible.

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Ballscrew Repair Services

Ballscrew Guys provide low cost, fast-response, on-site ball screw repair and refurbishment services for your Flow Water Jets. Call (877) 768-4064 for immediate consultation.

  • Ball Screw Repair and Refurbishment
  • Ball Screw Installation and Removal
  • Ball Screw End Bearing Replacement
  • Linear Way Guide Rail Installation
  • Linear Way Guide Block Repair and Refurbishment


Flow Waterjet

Y axis service and inspection

While there are protective covers for this axis, the garnet based abrasive material finds its way into the bearing systems throughout the machine. This contamination must be cleaned out periodically or bearing raceways and components will deteriorate rapidly.


The X-Axis is typically the most problematic axis on this type of machine because the Y-Axis and cutting head are on a flying arm gantry, only supported and suspended on a single offset side of the machine. The farther the cutting head is away from the X-Axis, the more looseness in the system shows up. Effects of bearing wear in the linear way guide (LWG) system and the X-Axis ball screw are amplified because of gantry arm wiggle. Simply refurbishing the X-Axis ball screw may not be enough to correct X-Axis looseness. The LWG slider blocks will often need to be refurbished at the same time.

Correct Looseness

To correct the X-Axis looseness on the Flow Systems Water Jets, the Linear Way Guide Bearing Blocks or Sliders need to be cleaned out of old grease mixed with abrasive cutting media. These blocks are located under the protective X-Axis covers. So their lube fittings are often ignored or missed during the regular Preventative Maintenance of the machine. Because the entire cutting Gantry rolls with offset force on only four of these blocks, wear from lack of lubrication comes quickly. Not just to the bearings inside of the blocks themselves, but wearing down the bearing tracks on the guide rails themselves. Ballscrewguys removes each of these bearing blocks and completely cleans them out. Measuring the wear on the old balls. We then repack your bearing block sliders with oversized ball bearings. Eliminating the slider to rail looseness, while matching the new worn track radius of the guide rail. Making an essentially like new sliding systems without the cost of new guide blocks and rails.

Belt Drive System

The X-Axis Ballscrew is normally on a fixed ball screw with a rotation bearing and belt drive system. In most cases the rotation bearing is a German sealed type made by INA. Very seldom does this bearing need service, and work on this assembly is not included in the standard X-Axis refurbishment pricing. The drive belt is a fairly standard item. We recommend replacement when the X-Axis is rebuilt. At the very least installing a new belt on the end of the screw, making replacement fast and easy should the old belt break.

Y-Axis Direct Drive

The Y-Axis often requires accurizing along with the X-Axis. Unlike the X-Axis which typically is belt driven rotation bearing style ball nut on a fixed ballscrew, the Y-Axis will be a direct drive system connected to the motor with a spinning screw. To rebuild the Rexroth style Ballscrews, the entire ball nut has to be wound off the end of the ball screw shaft.

Y-Axis End Bearings

This is a Y-Axis end bearing assembly from a Flow Systems Waterjet. The ball bearings were severely worn due to frequent contamination from the Garnet abrasive used in the cutting process. The invasive nature of this media is the main problem in all the motion systems of the machine. End bearing replacement is strongly recommended to accompany Y-Axis ball screw service, ideally a pair of end bearing parts should be ordered so that they will arrive before service is scheduled. The dimensions of these are relatively common. Cheaper sealed versions are typically available from local bearing supply places. However, they will often not be to Flow System’s exact specifications and might not last as long.

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Ballscrew Guys provide low cost, fast-response, on-site ball screw repair and refurbishment services for your Flow Water Jets. Call (877) 768-4064 for immediate consultation.


Type Series Models
Water Jets IFB IFB 6012 IFB 4400 IFB 4800 IFB 1005
IWB IWB 6012
Mach 2 Mach 2 2031B Mach 2 4020B Mach 2 3120 Mach 2 2013B Mach 2 2040C Mach 2 2030C Mach 2 2020C
Mach 3 Mach 3 4020 Mach 3 4020B Mach 3 1313B Mach 3 2513B Mach 3 3020B Mach 3 7320B
Mach 4 Mach 4 2213 Mach 4 4030C Mach 4 4020B Mach 4 2513B Mach 4 1313B Mach 4 7320B Mach 4 4060C Mach 4 4020C Mach 4 3060C Mach 4 3020C Mach 4 3020B
Various A-Series AF 2080 WMC2 4020 StoneCrafter WMC 4020


A full X & Y Axis refurbishment can be typically be completed within two production shifts.